Danny Deckchair

PG-13 1h 40m 2003


Sydneysider Danny Morgan, a simple man who works for a concrete company, is prone to daydreaming to escape his life, those daydreams often of his unique ideas. Of late, those daydreams have been about his and his longtime girlfriend Trudy Dunphy's imminent vacation, a camping trip which Danny has been planning for a year. Eventually learning that Trudy, a real estate agent, lied to get out of the trip to spend time with a famous client, television sportscaster Sandy Upman, is just the latest manifestation that Trudy is drifting away from Danny, who she sees as just a concrete man while she aspires to something or someone more exciting like Sandy. With the vacation now a no-go leaving him with a couple of weeks free with nothing to do but have his mind wander, Danny, with an unexpected windfall of free giant balloons, ponders whether they, filled with helium and tied to a deckchair, would be able to lift him in the deckchair up into the air. Danny's balloon deckchair experiment will have not only a profound effect on him, but that of Glenda Lake of Clarence, she a lonely parking enforcement police officer who has felt lost in life, while Trudy also sees it as another possible restart to her and Danny's relationship in that proverbial fifteen minutes of fame in their lives.

Director: Jeff Balsmeyer

Genres: Comedy, Romance

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