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If you are a movie lover like I am, might have tried a couple of online options like Google movies and music, Amazon Prime, Netflix and a lot of other popular, paid and subscription-based platforms. You also might have come across and checked out a few free services and still remain unsatisfied with their offering. I'm introducing you to Putlocker if you've been getting disappointment in your quest over time. Putlocker is the answer, the best choice for your streaming or downloading of movies and TV shows online.

About Putlocker

Accessed via the website at, or the mobile app, putlockers is an online platform that was launched in the year 2011 to serve as a host for links to various movies and TV shows from torrents sites and to also provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer file sharing platform for users globally.
By March of the year 2012, the media-dedicated Putlocker website was hosting traffic of over 800,000 visits daily, and within a short while after, the number of daily visitors on the platform doubled and became a little higher than 1.6 million visitors daily.
As Putlocker continued to grow and become more popular, a lot of heated debates and accusations were raised about the legal status of the platform and its service. By 2014, the original domain of Putlocker at got seized by the United Kingdom police force intellectual property crime arm for violating the piracy law of the United Kingdom which labelled the Putlocker service as an illegal distributor of copyrighted movies without obtaining the rights for doing such.
After this, the platform got moved to domain with an operational base in Iceland. From this new Iceland based domain, putlocker operated and offered its service to users until the year 2016 when it was shut down for being repeatedly reported as a hub for pirated movies and TV shows by the United States Trade Representative (USTR), MPAA, and other anti-piracy bodies and organizations.
As at the time when putlocker was shut down, the platform was ranked according to Alexa ranking as one of the web services with the highest traffic all over the world, positioned among the top 250 most visited websites globally.
This frequent lawsuits, service suspensions, domain and server shutdown that it amassed over time, necessitated it to move regularly across different domains at different times to continue operation and offer users continued access to the best and most popular TV shows and movies for free. The putlocker service still remains in operation today and continually give the best of entertainment to its users for free.

Features of Putlocker

  • Free to use: Putlocker is a free website and online platform that offers users access to high-quality movies and TV shows from the comfort of their homes and even on the go, whenever and wherever they are. This is an awesome feature because you get free access to new and trendy movies and TV shows that would have otherwise cost an amount of money.
  • Ad-based revenue generation: Since putlocker does not make money from subscription as with Pay TVs and subscription-based platforms, they show different forms of ads on the platform as a way of generating revenue that is needed to keep the service in operation and keep it from closing down due to bankruptcy or sustainability issues. You get access to premium contents for free in exchange for a few ads.
  • Popular contents: Unlike some free online media streaming and download service providers and platforms that offer low rated or stale contents to users, putlocker offers the best movies and TV shows available on subscription-based platforms like Netflix, Amazon and so on, to users for free.
  • Easy to use: A simple homepage, designed with modernity and professionalism in mind. A menu button that leads users of the platforms to the various movies available according to different classifications and genres for easy access. There's also a big button that directs you to its entire database where you can look through and make decisions as to what you will like to watch in cases where you don't have a choice in mind. The platform also has embedded in its menu button, a TV guide that offers a complete schedule of TV shows and movies available for streaming and downloading
  • Exhaustive database: There probably doesn't exist any movie or TV show that is released and can found on other Pay and subscription-based media streaming platforms like Netflix and the likes that you wouldn't find on the putlocker platform, and also for free. Popular and blockbuster movies, classic or new movies, you get it for free on Putlocker.
  • No need to sign up: Putlocker has a possible sign up for a free account, but this is not compulsory. You can decide to simply access the website and start streaming or downloading your choice movie at the click of a button. You don't need to register or login to access the Putlocker service, all you need to do is plug into the website and start enjoying the movies and TV shows.
  • Web-based: Putlocker is web-based, making it available and accessible for your streaming and downloading pleasure from any internet-enabled device that you own. You can access the website on the go from your personal computer, Android and iOS smartphones, Windows mobile, Android and non-Android Smart TV, Xbox, PS4 and other devices.

The putlocker platform is an awesome and free platform that provides unlimited access to movies and TV shows. The recurring legal lawsuits, the regular accusation of infringement of copyright and offering of pirated contents, however, necessitates you to access the website with VPN or Proxy to hide your IP and unlock every feature or service that might otherwise be inaccessible for you as a result of the region you are accessing it from. Make sure you are using a genuine and working VPN as there might be phoney ones our there. Once all these are in place, you are good to go with Putlocker and you can enjoy the best entertaining TV shows and movies for a free wherever you are and whenever you choose to.